What we do

Epoque Projects is a company that creates conceptual hotels and restaurants in Europe.

Our design, story-telling and interactive techniques help our guests to immerse themselves in a totally new lifestyle experience.
Our innovative approach to hospitality secures strong returns of investments for our partners and shareholders.
Our story
We are a relatively young hospitality company taking its roots back in 2011 when we opened our first hotel in St. Petersburg.
We managed to create successful projects in a boutique hotel market, adding a conceptual layer to a classical perception of the hotels.
For us it was (and it is) important to promote the idea of conscious travel, especially in respect for the history of the cities we work in.
We believe that even (or maybe particularly) while we’re having our long a due vacations we must use this opportunity not only to relax, recover, dine and wine, but also to get to know the place we’re travelling, in a way that it leaves an impact to our lives.
How many times we saw the hordes of tourists at Louvre, Colosseum or Hermitage and thought… "Gee, I don’t want to be a part of it, I don’t want to do the " "must do’s" only because it’s a "must do"… ?
How about going a bit deeper?
We’re not that shallow, we want to have unique signature experiences that makes us understand our history and the history of our neighbours better - and with that starts totally different process of comprehending the world around us.

Our metaphorical time-travel game serves this idea perfectly… Oh yes, we can still post all the good stuff in Instagram
Our team
  • Tigran Ayrapetyan
    co-owner, responsible for the general company development
  • Sergey Kamenev
    co-owner, responsible for finances, security, technical and legal issues
  • Natalia Babushnikova
    co-owner, responsible for revenue management and marketing
  • Georgii Sachik
    responsible for hotels direction
  • Aleksey Vitvitsky
    responsible for Yerevan direction
  • Polina Basalaeva
    responsible for Budapest direction